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Create, store, and distribute every policy with confidence, knowing that only one published version exists. 

A secure, cloud-based repository to manage policies and procedures across their entire lifecycle. Develop, review, approve, distribute, and track every policy with confidence, knowing that only one published version exists.


Create One Source of Truth

Feel at ease knowing only one version of every document exists with automatic archive features.


Enjoy Full Transparency

Don’t lie awake at night worrying if your employees signed off on critical policies and procedure.


Make Updates a Breeze

Stop dreading regular policy updates with tools for easy collaboration in familiar tools.


“[Policy] helps our employees feel confident in what they’re doing day-to-day, and it helps management feel confident that everything is being done consistently.”
Jessica Erickson, Campus Safety, Milton Hershey School

Give employees the information they need

Use one central repository and deliver policies straight to your staff’s smartphones. Admins can handle essential tasks like document, folder, and user management. Our accessible platform is consistently improving accessibility on all our products as we strive to adhere to WCAG AA and 508c compliance standards.


Hold employees accountable

By capturing and tracking E-signatures, you hold employees accountable to important documents and gain visibility into who’s signed what. See outstanding items like missing signatures, incomplete training, or failed tests, to keep employees and managers accountable. Build community trust by making select policies publicly accessible. When a policy is revised, the public view is automatically updated.


Eliminate cost and complexity

Route documents for collaboration, review, or approval. Establish consistent processes for each department with workflow templates. Easily review and approve changes to critical documents with side-by-side, color-coded highlighting of everything that has been added, deleted, or revised. Upon login employees see a list of outstanding items along with everything they completed that day in Policy.



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