Get the critical data you need so you can spend your time doing the work that matters most.

Make Strong Decisions

Stop guessing whether your strategic initiatives are moving the needle. Each product includes out-of-the-box reports or dashboards so you can:

  • Measure which recruitment efforts result in the most hires with Attract
  • Track time-to-hire and compare job posting views to applications received with Insight
  • See outstanding tasks new employees have left to complete with Onboard
  • Track performance review status and completion across managers and departments with Perform
  • Monitor and report on training, and drill into specific courses, custom fields, and more with Learn
  • And so much more





Uncover Patterns

Eliminate the frustration of pulling data from multiple systems to spend hours manipulating Excel sheets or complex third-party tools.

Measure the effectiveness of all your HR processes — from recruitment to onboarding and beyond – in one system with cross-product reports.*

Watch your HR insights grow more powerful with each product you implement and stop wasting time compiling reports from multiple systems.

*Available when you have multiple products



Back Decisions With Data

Give your team confidence with data to back up your strategic initiatives and budget needs.

  • Use benchmarking to see how your processes compare with peer organizations

  • Drill down into each hiring stage to see where processes get stuck

  • See data institution-wide or at the division level to get the information you want



Get Answers

Be confident that you can answer all your questions without having to be a data analyst or Excel guru.

Get the data you need, when you need, in the format you need with custom reports and dashboards that are easy to build, run, and export.

Automated exports make it easy to use data from NEOED in your organization’s business intelligence tools.