Part of the Develop module, Learn provides a centralized training solution with a library of courses, development programs, and tracking

Online employee training to cultivate growth, promote excellence, and improve retention.

NEOED’s learning management system promotes employee training with an easy-to-use system for HR, department managers, and faculty and staff. Learn eliminates the administrative burden of managing multiple employee training programs by providing a centralized online platform that can be accessed onsite or remotely, designed for the specific needs of educational institutions.



Created for the Campus

Designed for educational institutions' training needs

Centralize training and tracking

Promote employee growth

Vast Built-In Course Library

Use any of the over 1,600 courses in NEOED’s course library. With a robust and growing catalog, Learn offers pre-built courses in everything from employee compliance, to soft skills building, to education-specific training.

  • Growing library of 1,600+ pre-built courses, including things like Sexual Harassment Training, Title IX, Cybersecurity, and more
  • Help build employees' soft skills to nurture their growth
  • Includes courses specifically for educational institutions

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Easily Track Learning Progress

Learn’s mobile experience and integration with Google and Outlook calendars make it easy for employees to stay informed of course requirements and complete them on the go. Use automated notifications and reminders to increase engagement and improve class attendance rates.

  • Empower managers to assign courses to employees
  • Schedule automated notifications and reminders
  • Provide convenience with a mobile-friendly interface
  • Increase accountability and participation

Plug In Your Existing Courses

Using Learn, reduce risk and liability claims with consistent, trackable courses,You don’t have to be a SCORM developer to create courses in Learn. The intuitive interface makes it possible for anyone to build a learning curriculum.

  • Turn your existing slides into professional training courses
  • Add custom video content
  • Build your own quizzes and certificates of completion
  • Upload and deploy your existing SCORM-based courses

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