Candidate Relationship Manager

Make sourcing a piece of cake instead of a wild goose chase.

 Get job seekers’ attention and hire for hard-to-fill positions faster with a candidate relationship manager
that does the heavy-lifting for you.


Save Hours on Sourcing

Find qualified candidates from a network of 2.3M job seekers in SchoolJobs.com.


Fill Positions Faster

Automate outreach to get more applicants without adding to your workload.


Market Your Agency

Tell your story and show candidates why your institution is a great place to work.

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“NEOED is a great higher education tool that I use daily
to hire the best possible faculty and staff for my institution.”

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Give every part of your institution the chance to shine

  • Landing pages: Create branded landing pages tailored for specific departments, events, and more – without requiring IT support.

  • Articles: Give candidates an inside view of your institution, team, and more.

  • Custom CTAs: Convert prospective candidates into applications with calls-to-action on every landing page.


Discover and engage with education talent more efficiently

  • Source candidates: Find great-fit candidates in minutes through the SchoolJobs talent pool of 2.3M education and public sector job seekers.

  • Virtual Recruiter: Automatically notify qualified candidates when you post a new opportunity that fits their skills.

  • Bulk emails: Send candidates personalized emails in bulk with a single click – no manual work needed.

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Stay connected with candidates during and after events

  • Custom online forms: Instantly collect job seeker information at events so you always have a pool of potential candidates to tap into.

  • Email campaigns: Easily follow up with job seekers after events and encourage them to apply to your open roles.

  • Talent pools: Automatically organize prospective candidates by desired role, skills, and more to make follow-up and outreach easy.


Know which recruitment efforts are paying off

  • Real-time analytics: Measure how many views and conversions you’re getting for each job or as a whole.

  • Sourcing reports: See which sources bring the most applicants and hires so you can focus on what works.

  • Email reports: Track email campaign metrics like opens, applications, and hires to measure their effectiveness.

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