A component of the Recruit module, Insight is NEOED's applicant tracking solution, designed specifically for educational institutions' needs

Efficiently attract and hire highly qualified candidates, while maintaining equitable hiring practices.

Built to serve educational institutions, NEOED’s applicant tracking system automates the hiring process to reduce time to hire, while maintaining equitable hiring processes. With easy-to-use job application templates, applicant self-service portal, and customizable career site experiences, Insight makes it easier to find and hire more qualified candidates.



Created for You and Your Employees




Emphasis on Compliance and Equity




Automates Recruiting & Hiring

Unique Career Site Experiences

From staff and management to faculty and student employees, your campus community has a wide variety of candidates to attract. Customize career sites for each experience to get the best talent to apply.

  • Configurable for multiple career sites with differentiating looks and feels
  • Use custom photos for headers and job openings for a warmer welcome
  • Embed video into job postings for an even more dynamic experience

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Simplify the Search Committee Process

Streamline the search process with a centralized hub designed to make it easy for search committees to provide feedback about candidates. Leverage pre-determined matrices to ensure fair and objective evaluation.

  • Designate the search chair, refine the search committee's tasks, and analyze reviews in one place
  • Define and build out rating matrices to ensure objective and fair candidate evaluation
  • Minimize the risk of implicit bias or single stakeholder interference in hiring

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Leverage Diversity Reporting for Equitable Hiring

Insight’s easy-to-navigate reports and dashboards offer data visualization and analysis to ensure an unbiased recruiting and hiring process. Track key metrics like diversity throughout the recruiting lifecycle to ensure all applicants are given the same opportunity.

  • Generate EEOC reports on the racial/ethnic and gender composition of applicants and hires by specific job categories
  • Analyze each stage of the hiring process to identify any disproportionate advancements or rejections
  • Pinpoint where in the institution adverse impact may be taking place 

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Candidate Self-Service Portal

Maintain transparency and streamline communication for both the applicant and HR with an online self-service portal. Save time by giving applicants the ability to check the status of their application and self-schedule written exams, oral panel interviews, and performance tests.

  • Allow candidates to monitor where they are in the application process
  • View all email notifications sent by the employer in the job seeker inbox
  • Access complete application history for all jobs the candidate has applied for
  • Enable candidates to manage scheduling of interviews and tasks

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Diversity Health

NEOGOV’s Diversity Health feature enables your recruiting team to implement equitable hiring practices that complement your overall DEI initiatives.
Available at the job posting and requisition level and built directly into Insight’s job health page and dashboard, Diversity Health measures the diversity -- or lack thereof -- of your applicant pool so you can take immediate action to ensure your organization is evaluating a well-rounded pool of applicants.

  • Real-time demographic visibility: View the diversity of candidates who are applying to your job postings by ethnicity, gender, and veteran status
  • Backed by US Census data: Measure candidate applications against US census data specific to your local community
  • Customizable: Set recruiting goals and targets related to the ethnicity, gender, and veteran status of applicants to support your agency’s DEI objectives
  • Quick Add: Quickly progress diverse candidates to the first interview stage in the hire workflow, without having to exit the Diversity Health page

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Eye-Opening Dashboards and Reporting

Get access to more than 90 standard reports, advanced ad-hoc reporting, time-to-hire, adverse impact statistics, and dashboards that help you make more informed hiring decisions.

  • Analyze how long every stage of the hiring process takes to prioritize where improvements can be made
  • Compare time-to-hire data by department and hiring manager to improve bottlenecks and speed up hiring
  • Evaluate applicant volume within days of posting a job to get a projection of how many total applicants you’ll get to determine whether additional advertising is needed

Automate the PII Blinding Process

Save time by letting Insight automatically blind applicant information that has no bearing on an applicant’s qualifications and could be used against them. Blind sensitive info on candidate attachments like portfolios, letters of recommendation, and more to provide a level playing field for all applicants, regardless of gender, race, or nationality.



Key Features


Text Messaging

Text message candidates with updates on the status of their application, send interview reminders, alert them to next steps in the process, and more! Texting is an efficient way to keep candidates engaged with your application process.

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Background Check Integrations

With NEOED’s background check integrations you can quickly initiate, track, report, and take next steps based on background check results. Choose from a variety of vendors with pre-built connectors to expedite the hiring process.

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Job Boost

Insight’s predictive recruiting engine evaluates applicant volume to determine which jobs will fall short of applicant goals and enables you to promote the posting at the top of leading job boards without leaving the NEOED product.

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Build a more capable workforce with professional development tools and training programs that support employees and maintain compliance.  Learn More 



Source more leads and manage candidate relationships with easy-to-use tools, automated outreach, and recruitment data tracking. 
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Rapidly fill your applicant pipeline with qualified job seekers who have relevant experience and are genuinely committed to a career in education.  Learn More