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Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new hires is about people – not paper.

Take the manual burden off HR and set employees up for success from day one 
with HR onboarding software that configures to the needs of your educational institution.


Go Paperless

Make it easy for new hires to complete forms online and reduce manual entry for HR.


Standardize Processes

Feel at ease knowing all your onboarding processes are centralized and consistent.

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Build Your Culture

Help new hires feel welcome with a personalized portal of resources and support.

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“Now that we can send new hire forms out ahead of time, the actual orientation period is more focused on getting to know CBC instead of filling out a million forms.”

McKensie Caughey, HR Consultant I, Columbia Basin College


Give new hires the information they need before they start

  • Personalized onboarding portals: Provide important information, documents, videos, and more in one place that new hires can access 24/7.

  • Digital paperwork: New hires can complete onboarding forms online at home and instantly submit them to HR.

  • Task checklists: Assign onboarding tasks with due dates and automated reminders to keep new hires on track.



Keep track of new hire onboarding progress

  • Status tracking: Know where every new hire at your institution is in the onboarding process at all times.

  • Real-time insights: Monitor onboarding progress, checklists, and forms by employee, department, or across the entire institution.

  • Report sharing: Export reports to Excel, CSV, and PDF formats with the click of a button for easy sharing.

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Ensure compliance with education hiring requirements

  • Tax forms: Always have the latest Federal I9 and W4 forms, which are maintained and updated by NEOGOV.

  • Custom form fields: Mark required form fields and provide descriptions to make sure HR always gets the information they need.

  • Automated workflows: Instantly route employee form data to HR so they never have to chase down paperwork.

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Support new hire success and preparation for their role

  • Sub-portals: Provide new hires with resources and information around specific topics related to their role, department, campus and more.

  • Job clarity: Import each new hire’s job description into Onboard so they can easily find their role expectations.

  • Mentors: Assign an internal point-of-contact who can help guide new hires when they need support.




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