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Performance Management

Track employee performance and provide constructive feedback to build a more capable workforce.

Perform automates annual, probationary, and 360 feedback employee evaluations, allowing you to identify skills gaps and areas of improvement in their employees.


Gather Ongoing Feedback

Feel confident that your process is fair with ongoing employee feedback vs. just once a year.


Create Transparency

Cultivate a culture of engagement and growth rather than just checking a box.


Modernize Processes

Automate employee performance reviews that fit your school’s unique evaluation processes.

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[NEOED] is easy for sharing performance reviews. The system allows for creating goals, outcomes, and for multiple managers/supervisors to access the system and make comments.”

Higher Education Adjunct Professor,
Gartner Online Review

Continuous Employee Feedback

Perform helps ensure managers are meeting frequently with employees to set goals, measure progress, and provide coaching with the ability to schedule a cadence by department or individual.

  • Schedule periodic check-ins and reminders to provide feedback and increase transparency between employee and manager

  • Use journal entries to document employee achievements and areas of concern

  • Eliminate recency bias by referring back to journal entries during evaluation process

  • Implement performance improvement plans and electronically document every step of the process



Get Deeper Insights with Robust Reporting

With Perform’s reports and dashboards, analyze individual employee, team, or departmental data to identify skill gaps across the institution and optimize employee development based on common themes.

  • Easily analyze where skill sets in the institution exist and where they need to be enhanced

  • Track status of performance reviews, classroom observation reports, and more

  • Measure goal achievement progress and determine where additional training is needed within the institution

  • Quickly identify faculty and staff eligible for a merit increase




Designed specifically for educational institutions, Perform includes multiple features to ensure compliance and accommodate the unique needs of campus-based HR.

  • Easily enable multiple managers to collaborate on a single evaluation

  • Customize semester or quarter frequencies to coincide with school schedule

  • Create custom approval workflows based on type of employee and reporting structure



Modernize 360 Feedback Processes

What can often be a convoluted and time-consuming process, Perform provides the tools to make 360 feedback centralized and easy to keep track of for employees awaiting critical performance reviews.

  • Simplify the 360 feedback review process by leveraging automated surveys for other managers, employee peers, and students

  • Set deadlines and automate reminders to ensure surveys are completed on schedule

  • Easily organize input to provide employees with a clear view of strengths and opportunities for improvement

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