Part of the Manage module, HRIS provides a central hub for employee records, salary and administration, and workforce data

Increase HR efficiency with an integrated HRIS system comprised of Core HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Time & Attendance

With one integrated system for Core HR, Payroll, and Time & Attendance, HRIS provides a centralized hub and self-service portal that integrates with the entire NEOED product suite, which enables the seamless transfer of information between solutions, eliminating double entry and maximizing security.



Created for the Campus


Fully integrated
HR suite


Allows staff and faculty 
to self-serve


Supports complex payroll requirements

Core HR

Centralize all personnel data in one place with Core HR. Educational institution HR can maintain compliance and increase efficiency across their campus community, leaving behind tedious manual processes and moving forward with an efficient system.

  • Employee self-service information updates
  • Automatically triggered approval workflows
  • Compliant system for higher ed and K-12
  • Easily access data to understand employee needs

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Payroll software that handles complex requirements for any type of employee with ease and integrates with any general ledger or accounting suite to process accurate payroll on time. HR can gain powerful insights with reporting to understand payroll processes.

  • Gain powerful insights 
  • Ensure compliance with changing payroll laws
  • Integrate easily to any general
    ledger or accounting suite
  • Support staff, faculty, and student payroll in one place

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Time & Attendance

Automate time and attendance tracking processes to eliminate spreadsheets and paper and reduce costly errors from manual entry. The intuitive employee self-service system saves time, empowers employees, and allows HR to focus on employees.

  • Easily manage time and leaves
  • Reduce costly errors
  • Automate manual processes
  • Save time with employee self-service

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Manage all employee, plan, and enrollment types in one place for increased transparency, across every department of your organization.

  • Define plan, coverage and rate data
  • Schedules based on employee group, type, union, status
  • Open enrollment and new hire enrollment
  • Qualifying life events
  • Complex calculations for contributions
  • Seamlessly integrated with Payroll
  • 834 Carrier Exchange

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